Ideal Garment
& scientific panty

Ideal Garment as a place where you can order garments is on hiatus.

We are working on the writing, which will free you all to the gloriousness of being happy all the time in your clothing.

You should probably get your hands on a sewing machine now, and learn the basics of how to use it. You are welcome to inquire about lessons. Minimum one whole day, if you want to learn to make something. Two hours to learn how to use a machine.

For yourself, get an old sheet at the thrift store, if there isn't one in your house, cut it up and practice sewing until you feel the machine is a tool you can use. Or resew seams on your own clothing. Reinforced seams won't hurt anything. When you say you can't use a sewing machine, we hear "I don't know how to use my stove." Really? Learn, then. Can you imagine if you had to go out to buy every bite of warm or prepared food you ate? That approach is for very rich people with access to excellent restaurants. (Interestingly not true for all rich people.) Normal people will go broke, or become very unhealthy. Also it is depressing to be in shops that sell cheap shit, and it doesn't do justice to your magically human body and brain. So, yes, I am saying that your dependence on fast fashion is exactly like living on fast food, and you are that unhealthy, sartorially speaking. Psychologically poisoning yourself, you are.

We are working on the equivalent of a recipe for sauteed greens, so stay tuned. You all are so committed to your stretchy junk clothes, it is hard to know how to talk about all this. Trying though. Send with thoughts.

Meanwhile, if you really are in clothing crisis that only ideal garments can fix, or if you have ever worn ideal garments in the past, please send an inquiring note, and we'll see what we can do. We are not a cruel people.

re: above photo
Men's skirts are not the main thing we or anyone will make, but it is a nice example of an ideal garment. For everyone involved.

ideal garment + sw at idealgarment dot com