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Most Ideal Garments are, practically speaking, custom garments. This should be no surprise. Bodies are all so very different that for a garment to be ideal it must be made with some, at least small, knowledge of and appreciation for the body and person that is to wear it.

Having said that, there are occasions when a garment is not just made for or altered to fit a particular person, but also in large part custom designed for that person. A wedding or special party dress would be a good example of a garment designed for a specific individual, of course. More commonly, custom garments are made to be specifically ideal for the professional activities, or leisure activities, or an individual; or to accomodate physical quirks, missing limbs, illness or what have you. People are enchantingly individual in their sartorial needs, and it is our great delight to provide solutions to modern dress, from underneath to over the top.

So, you are free to request a custom made or even custom designed garment from Ideal Garment. Perhaps you want something that we already make but altered in some way to better suit you, or perhaps you need something completely new. Generally, for more unique garments, we will listen to your many thoughts and dreams about what you want to wear, and then suggest something that is not at all what you were thinking of. Remember, it is our job to create an ideal garment for you, not to create the bad garment that you think you want.

In short, if the desire is simply for a slightly different version of an already manufactured thing, a garment that will never be ideal no matter how well it "fits", we will probably refer you to a sew-for-hire business that will be able to more closely, and willingly, create what is in your head. There are people who are very good at that sort of thing.

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