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To have ended up here, you must be very very frustrated at what the shops have on offer in the way of pants and skirts.

Oh, you don't need to tell us about that. Scavenging endlessly through racks of manufactured garments, searching for the holy grail of pants that can be worn and a skirt that does not annoy was enough to drive us to the sewing machine.

Fortunately we did go to home-ec class in the seventh grade, so it was not a terrible chore to sew a couple of seams and poof, have a pair of perfect pants and as many skirts as a heart could desire. We even did it whilst drinking wine and jabbering with friends.

Well . . . the story is a little longer than that, and there are more stories to be sure, but that will do for this page. Suffice it to remark that we feel your pain, and have two suggestions. The first is to go through the super fun process of ordering something from us. It will involve measuring yourself, taking a photo or two, and writing us a nice email, telling us all about your body and its relationship to clothing, receiving something in the mail which may or may not be perfect, having some more conversation, and then getting the thing you dreamed of. It's a lot like the Loehmann's communal dressing room, if you had happened to end up next to a chatty old seamstress with too many opinions, except in virtual, rather than carpeted and flourescently-lit, space. (It should go without saying, you should never change clothing in a flourescently-lit space. Just don't do it, and if you must, don't look in a mirror.)

Skirts (and pants) can be made in a choice of fabrics: matte stretch velvet, panne stretch velvet, a luscious ponte roma, or snuggly fleece, and with a selection of options, like pockets. Everything is machine washable, so don't worry about that. Panties can be made in any number of fabrics, as long as they pass the stretch requirement. Robes and coats have been made in such a wide variety of fabrics, they cannot be listed. Mostly, we can't remember. The thing is to send to us and tell us what you are looking for, what you are hoping for from a garment. We'll start there. For skirts and pants, though, you can pretty much just order up from down below, and then we can sort out the details. We all need the perfect black skirt or pair of pants.

As soon as you place your order for a garment or accessory, you will receive an email asking for the measurements and preferences we will need to custom make the item (or items) to your size and style preferences. Send back! Don't delay! We can't get started until we have your accurate measurements and fabric preference.

Scroll down this page to see the variations on skirts and pants. We will add more images soon, but until we do, contact us directly if you are looking for something you do not see here. Thanks for shopping.

We use Paypal for your convenience and security. Contact us if you would prefer to send a check.

Slender skirts are marvelous at every length, but the transcendent thing is the skirt long to the ground, worn anywhere you need to go.

It's fine for gardening or for inaugural balls. And you don't even need to wash it in between the two events. Mind you, you can wash it between the two events, maybe while you are taking a little nap. Throw the skirt, and all your other Ideal Garments you are planning to wear for the evening, in the wash, and they will pop out gorgeous and bouncy and smelling delicious, just like you.

slender skirt
any length; velvet, fleece or ponte roma:


A-line skirts are great at any length. A subtle A-line to the ground makes a long skirt that is easier to walk in than the ultra-pure slender skirt. A little shorter, mid-calf or lower, is classic and terrific with boots in the winter months, sandals in the summer

A-line just below the knee is flirty, incomprehensibly comfortable and easy to wear. The slight A-line also makes for a lovely mini-skirt, whatever "mini" means to you, comfortable, ease to move around in, but not at risk of blowing up and exposing you.

The A-line at any length is graceful, the fabrics stretchy, the usefulness extreme.

The stretch fabrics allow anyone to enjoy the swingy comfort of the a-line, the absence of restriction, the flattering movement.

The skirts flatter the butt without making too big a deal of it.

A-line skirt
any plausible length; velvet, fleece or ponte roma:


Perfect Pants are just plain pants, often in one of the great, slightly stretchy fabrics we use for skirts, but more often in rich brocades and other wildly durable and beautiful fabrics. They have no side seams, and so are naturally wide-legged, though not in any dramatic or stylish way. Oh no. We are quite insistent that nothing be "stylish" or, goodness knows, "fashionable".

Perfect Pants are for people who are ready for a pair of pants they can actually wear without feeling exposed, and without feeling like they need to lose weight before being allowed to put them on. No. Perfect pants are there for you.

For men or for women, in a variety of finishes at the waist; smooth, drawstring or belted. Pockets and placement can be discussed.

perfect pants
velvet, fleece or ponte roma; or some other marvelous fabric:


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