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Ideal Garments are always to order,
but even more so for men.

Contact us for more about what is currently available, or to let us know what garment you have dreamed of and never found.

As a leaping off point, here are some of our favorites...

A winter situation. Well-worn furry fleece-lined fur jacket with hood, over green fleece pullover and black fleece drawstring pants with pockets. Yum. Jacket also has an inside pocket.

Square fleece hat and double layer scarf.

Jackets to order: 250.-500.

Fleece drawstring pants to order, any size: 120.

Drawstring pants also available in other fabrics for winter, and light fabrics for summer: 120.-210. depending on fabric.

Pullover to order: 110.

Scarf: 30. each

Double fleece hat for ultra warmth: 40.

Summertime in vintage orange brocade. Perfectly fine for rebuilding the back stairs, but also nice for nighttime. Maybe put on a t-shirt.

Pocket skirts with drawstring waist, to order: 120.

Natural linen shorts, good for working, and also fine for swimming. Pockets, drawstring waist.

Shorts, to order: 120.-160.

(can be made in many different fabrics, market price)

Scientific velvet bikini on her: 110.

Brown microsuede skirt, the same one on the front page, but before it got covered in paint. Super light, and slightly ani-maal. Pocket and drawstring waist. This is a skirt for men. See the fabulous pocket?? Girls like it too, of course, but everyone knows they are wearing their boyfriends skirt.

Pocket skirts with drawstring waist: 120.

Scientific panties for men underneath (maybe): 30.

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