scientific panty

by way of explanation, read
a panty manifesto

and since we are on the topic of happy bottoms....

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learn to make Scientific Panties...

Scientific Panty is a great experiment in panties. The goals being:

+ comfort,

+ looking good, both under clothing and when panties are the sole garment,

+ making clothing look good as such,

+ making a body look good as such,

+ and not doing anything untoward like ooch up in the back or make marks on the body or in anyway disturb the serene loveliness and ability to do what needs to be done of the wearer; (See A Panty Manifesto)

and making such various panties as solve the panty problem: this is Scientific Panty.

price & ordering

Scientific panties (and bras) are $40. each

All Ideal Garments, including Scientific Panties, are 100% guaranteed.

Scientific Panties and Bras are handmade and to order for the most part, so be ready to be forthcoming and participatory.

Sadly, we are not taking out of town orders for panties and bras at this time. Come to St. Louis, and we will be happy to fix you up.

Learning how to make Scientific Panties is an excellent alternative. Instructions forthcoming in the "sew 4 yourself" area.

Also, and most fun, you are always welcome to come to St. Louis for a class, or invite us to you. We are not opposed to travel for teaching purposes!

become a certified scientific panty artisan

Seeking students to become scientific panty artisans, who can make panties to order for their local market, or for online ordering. Weekend workshop will get you all up to date on the art and craft of Scientific Panty making. Also, allow you to teach the skills and spread the love. Contact us about that, if you are inclined to be your own boss, and make people wildly happy.

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