The Garments

Pants. Dresses. Coats. Robes. Skirts. Shells. Shirts. Undergarments. Bathing Suits. Costumes. Gowns. Jackets. Hats. Scarves. C


Sub categories:

Drawstring, belted, harem, linen, cotton, fleece, velvets

Sundress, Melrose, sheath, a-line, shells. Two piece.

Single layer, double layer, long, car coat, solid and plain, extravagant fabrics and patterns

Kimono, broad collar, shawl collar, cotton, brocades, fleece, linen, every length depending.

Slender, long, medium, short, a-line, wrapping, ball-gown historical, sheer, lightweight, velvets, fleece

Minimal, longer, dress-like. fleece, wools, rayon, all stretch.


Scientific Panties, all shapes and kinds. Scientific bras and undershirts.