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"fabulous and beautiful"

Ideal garments make me feel fabulous and beautiful, from my one of a kind wedding gown to my fleece skirts. The absolute most comfortable clothing I have ever worn. Dress them up, dress them down. Sensible, sexy, comfortable, one of a kind garments that are wash and wear. Once you try them, you'll never go back.

And, a trip to the Ideal Garment Firehouse adds even more to the loveliness and history of each piece!

Julie Meltzer
Overland Park, KS

"fits perfectly"

I loooooove my black long skirt. It makes me feel sexy any time I put it on. I can dress it up with a fancy pair of heels and slinky top, or down with flipflops and a tank top. It travels like a dream. Fits perfectly, and ‘gives’ up and down as I go up and down (a bit of course!)

Heidi Roizen
Woodside, CA

"the highlight of my wardrobe"

My floor-length, chocolate brown, micro-suede, Ideal A-line skirt is the highlight of my wardrobe for the upcoming fall season, as it was for last fall, and spring. Ideal Garment designed this skirt to fit me just perfectly. It's so comfortable yet pleasing to the eye, it's great to wear at the office or home. The drawstring-top even allowed me to wear this skirt during most of my pregnancy, and still feel great not having to struggle with all those maternity clothes. The Bottle Bidet with Tote is also a great item to have, especially right after giving birth when you need to wash parts often!

Beth Moyer
Pittsburgh, PA

"ideal for any activity"

Ideal Garment is the ideal name for the garments created by Ideal Garment. Ideal in the simplicity of design and production. Ideal in looks -- accentuating the positive attributes of a body and deemphasizing the less. Ideal in comfort. Ideal in wearability and maintenance -- no dry cleaning these babies. Ideal garment for any occasion -- any time of day or evening. Ideal for any activity -- you can clean, garden, shop, crusade for your neighborhood, cook, entertain or be entertained -- or just do nothing. These garments are ideal.

I got into my first Ideal Garment last December. Susan dressed me for some fancy occasions using the black velvet long skirt as the common denominator. In addition, one afternoon she whipped up an electric green fleece skirt -- and at my request, added a nifty little pocket just the right size for a phone or pod. Because of the season, I took teasing for being elfy, but hey you can't go wrong with green and red if festive is your goal! I wore that skirt day and night -- only pausing for the occasional washing. A favorite Christmas gift from my family was a certificate for more garments -- they knew how much I was enjoying them.

And when you shop Ideal Garments, you get a fascinating, always new visit with Susan -- and the results are predictably unpredictable.

Rhonda Burnett
Kansas City, MO

"so freaking comfortable"

Ohh I have so much to say. First of all I went to American Apparel in NYC last week and so wished I was at Ideal Garment. Everything was see thru!!! Seriously! Ideal Garments signature pieces have changed my way of viewing clothes in terms of their versatility. I have worn the same Ideal Garment Skirt to an amazing variety of functions; e.g., to a wedding and then later to bed because it's so freaking comfortable. The three highlights I would give Ideal Garment are 1. versatile 2. stylish 3. comfortable. I also have a scientific panty halter bra that is head over heals magical. Sometimes I wear it over other bras just to know that is there!!

Kris Devlin
Kansas City, MO

"the best-dressed pregnant woman"

I was inspired to complete this today as I was indeed wearing the blue and a friend of mine commented on how I always looked great, that I was the best-dressed pregnant woman she'd ever known. Then when I got home, I read an e-mail from my cousin Helen responding to the posted pics saying that she had never seen a more glamorous pregnant lady. What more does anyone need to feel good...


Pregnancy is not a state immediately associated with being chic and yet feeling good about the drastic changes to the body and mind can make all the difference in the experience. The rounder, child bearing body should be embraced rather than scorned or hidden as so much of maternity fashion seems to want to do. I gained weight immediately in my pregnancy, jumping up a full size in just the first month and continued onwards from there. Residing in Shanghai amongst the land of the small and svelte was not helpful in dealing with this drastic gain and offered me nothing in the way of clothing that made me feel anything but clownish. I searched through what I had on hand rather than buy the mumus and balloon pants. To my good fortune, due to having known Susan and her Ideal Garments for many years, I had a decent selection of comfortable, adjustable, unique, chic clothes that I could try to wear for the next few months, I thought. Little did I know that they would carry me throughout my entire pregnancy without so much as a single adjustment in design.

Being the fashionista that I am, I was not satisfied with a the skirts, tops, dresses, and pants I had - even for the first few months. I went down to the amazing and glutinous fabric market in the south part of Shanghai to buy fabric with which to copy Susan's garments. I bought enough to make a few copies of things for the time being as well as reserve fabric for when I grew even larger. I made exact copies of Susan's pieces which I had been wearing at my normal, pre-pregnant size - between a 4 and 6. I fully expected to have to make another group after about month 5 or so and then again after month 7. Not so at all. With only three weeks to go and having gained more than 30 pounds, I am still wearing the original sizes and designs and have a stack of cloth waiting to be made into something else. Stretchy skirts and tops go over the belly, draw-string skirts and pants go below. Wrapping coats and jackets remain comfortable and don't make me look like a sausage. (Oh, and the scientific panties are still doing their magic.)

Even with my now rather large selection of Ideal Garments, I find myself coming back to one of my favorites, a stretchy blue outfit made up of a long skirt and v-neck, sleeveless top which I got from Susan's shop a few years back. The combination with just a short slip underneath is airy and perfect for the heat and humidity of Shanghai. I feel covered and unencumbered at the same time, and, of course, very, very chic.

Monika Lin
Shanghai, China

"happy clothes"

Seven months pregnant with baby #3...only a pair of New York drapes could have looked so damn good on me. I stopped by Ideal Garment with some girlfriends on a wintery Thursday night thinking that there would obviously be nothing for a woman with a big and round belly. I was sooooo wrong. I found the best pair of blue big-print floral pants. They were low-waisted and almost perfect. On the spot, Susan made them fit right and promised to alter them for my post-pregnant body. Ideal Garment is full of delightful pieces and that will quickly be in the "happy clothes" department of your closet.

Stacy Calahan
Overland Park, KS

"absolutely wonderful"

I have a gold velvet gown (skirt and shirt) that Susan made for me. IT IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! I am not the smallest girl and the world and my stomach could surely use a LOT of HELP. So when it comes to skirt and materials that fit snug around my stomach I become NERVOUS! Either way Susan used me this fabric that holds you in the places where you should be held BUT is forgiving in the areas that you try to hide from others (MY WORDS). Anyway she made the skirt while I waited. I put it on and BEHOLD!!!! I was this beautiful woman with this flat stomach. Then when I added the shirt that was very forgiving to my "love Handles" I felt like the queen of the ball. I needed the gown for a fashion show that I was in. Everyone loved the gown and wanted to know where I got it from. Of course I told them and even brought my sister to Susan, who made her a beautiful skirt and shirt set to praise dance in with the same forgiving material that she used for me. I guess I wrote all that to say this, Go to IDEAL GARMENTS for ALL your clothing needs, especially if you want to be an original and not see everyone and their moma wearing your outfit!! I never thought I could wear a shirt that did not come to my mid thigh (so as to hide my stomach) until Susan introduced me to these wonderful clothes!!!!

Octavia Southall
Kansas City, MO

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